A ticket to Mars could cost $200,000 per individual

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Published: Apr 9, 2017, 3:18 pm IST

A ticket to Mars could cost $200,000 per individual
A ticket to Mars could cost $200,000 per individual

We are very much aware of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s yearnings to make setting out to Mars, commutable. As of late, he was heard saying that its reused rocket may help impact people off to Mars. The ticket is said to cost around $200,000 per individual.

“I expectation you’re considering tickets to Mars,” Gwynne Shotwell said at the 33rd Space Symposium on Wednesday, tending to any individual who may at present have waiting abouts, Inverse reports.

SpaceX additionally plans to lessen the expenses of the Falcon 9 in the expectation of getting re-utilized rockets down to a tenth of the cost of building another one. Heading out to Mars doesn’t simply require a ticket additionally being all around arranged for the likelihood of death.

“I think the main excursions to Mars will be truly exceptionally risky,” Musk said in September.

“The danger of casualty will be high. There’s recently no chance to get around it.”