7 Ayurvedic Tips to Drink Water that You Didn’t Know!

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Sarika Rana | Updated: May 04, 2017 11:24 IST

7 Ayurvedic Tips to Drink Water that You Didn't Know!
7 Ayurvedic Tips to Drink Water that You Didn’t Know!


  • Ayurveda proposes the way you drink water influences your wellbeing
  • Water is compound vitality, which implies it is a widespread concoction dissolvable
  • Water is vital for sustenance and to look after life

It is safe to say that you are drinking 8 glasses of water each day? If not, then now would be a decent time to begin. While not having adequate water has many symptoms, it is similarly essential that we are aware of “how” this water is devoured. The standards of Ayurveda recommend that the way you drink water additionally influences your general wellbeing. Fascinating, would it say it isn’t? Old Ayurveda has various speculations with respect to tips to drink water which have been taken after over hundreds of years.

As indicated by the book, The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Vasant Lad, water is the sign of awareness. Water is liquid, overwhelming, delicate, horrible, icy, thick and strong. It unites particles. Water is a concoction vitality, which implies it is a widespread synthetic dissolvable. Water exists in the body as plasma, cytoplasm, serum, spit, nasal emission, cerebrospinal liquid, pee and sweat. It is in this way essential for retention of sustenance and to look after life; without it, our cells can’t survive. Considering how fundamental water is to human life, here are some convenient yet imperative Ayurvedic tips to drink water.

Ayurvedic Tips to Drink Water

1. Take a seat to Drink Water Rather than Standing

It is a smart thought to dependably sit and drink water as opposed to standing. By standing and drinking, you disturb the adjust of liquids in the body and this may prompt a more prominent collection of liquids in the joints bringing about joint pain. By sitting and drinking, your muscles and sensory system is significantly more casual and helps the nerves to process nourishment and different liquids effortlessly. Your kidneys likewise pace the filtration procedure while sitting.


By standing and drinking water, you upset the adjust of liquids in the body

2. Abstain from Chugging All the Water on the double

Abstain from swallowing down vast volumes of water in a solitary breath, rather take littler taste, swallow, inhale and rehash for the duration of the day. This remains constant while having your suppers as well. As indicated by Ayurvedic master, Dr. Akhilesh Sharma, “there are three doshas in the body – vata, pitta and kapha, and how you expend water must be as per these doshas. Individuals with vata prakruti ought to drink water just a single hour in the wake of eating a feast. This will help their sustenance process betterly. Individuals with pitta prakruti can have little tastes amid suppers to begin their absorption procedure early and individuals with kapha prakurti ought to have water before taking dinners so they feel full and not eat more. This will help them get thinner effortlessly.”

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Abstain from swallowing substantial volumes of water amid suppers and something else

3. Drink Room Temperature water, Warm is Even Better

Dodge ice chilled water that aggravates the progressing procedure of processing and puts off the fire. Chilly water diminishes the blood supply to different organs of the body additionally prompting clogging. Drinking lukewarm water can help in appropriate absorption and digestion that advances weight reduction, diminishes bloating and torment. As indicated by Dr. Akhilesh, warm water helps in controlling cholesterol levels and furthermore keep the corridors clean.

warm-water_620x35Abstain from drinking chilled water as it upsets the procedure of absorption

4. Drink Only When You are Thirsty

Your body sends signs to you when it is in critical need of water. Ayurveda underscores on drinking water just when you feel parched. Each individual has an alternate body, henceforth, drinking a similar measure of water can’t be prescribed to everyone. The body can’t ingest excessively water consumption; in this way it is basic to know the thirst prompts your body gives you. Measure your own particular drinking framework without feeling too full.

drinking-waterYour body sends signals when it is in desperate need of water

5. Know the Indicators your Body Gives You When You are Thirsty

Your body gives you signals to tell you it needs water. One being, the shade of pee, dull yellow shading may show drying out, while genuinely clear and straw hued pee is an indication of a hydrated and satisfied body. Dry lips are one of the markers of a got dried out body. See these signals as these may transform into medical issues.

healthy-skinKnow the pointers that your body give you when it needs water

6. Drink Water First Thing in the Morning

Ayurveda proposes that is a solid propensity to drink water before anything else, which is known as Ushapan. It disposes of numerous sicknesses in the body. Savoring water the morning helps in flushing every one of the poisons in the body and washes down your digestion tracts.

water-glass-Begin drinking water before anything else

7. Drink Water Stored in Silver and Copper Vessels

Ayurveda has dependably proposed drinking water put away in copper (tamba) and silver (chaandi) vessels. The water put away in these vessels can adjust each of the three doshas in the body and it does by decidedly charging the water. Dr. Akhilesh concurs and calls attention to that copper has various cancer prevention agents and hostile to bacterial properties that help support the immunne arrangement of the body. It additionally has hostile to growth properties. Water in the silver vessel has the ability to expel free radicals from the body and gives a cooling impact in the digestion tracts and smoothens the procedure of assimilation.

copper-vesselThe water put away in copper and silver vessels cures all doshas in your body

Essential Tips for Drinking Water in Summer

As indicated by Dr. Keerti Gupta from Kirti Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Center, “Summer is called as the “Pitta Season” and evening time is Pitta Kaal, which is most sweltering time, thusly, Ayurveda proposes that you ought to drink greatest water amid this period in order to keep up the body temperature. You could likewise fuse some little changes including Pitta placating fixings in water that help keep up body warm. A portion of the fixings incorporate lemon, mint, kokum, and fennel seeds,khaskhas and flower petals.