52-Year-Old Sets World Record For Most Push Ups In An Hour

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This male did 2,682 rise in an hour. Exactly what’s your reason for avoiding the fitness center today?

Unique|NDTV Offbeat Desk|Updated: July 15, 2017

Carlton Williams set the Guinness World Record for the most rise in one hour (male).
How’s this for #FitnessGoals? A 52-year-old guy has actually set a world record after doing over 2,500 rise in one hour in Australia. An hour-long video of his task is on YouTube, believe you have the endurance to view the whole clip?

See his record-breaking effort here:.

Inning accordance with Guinness World Records, Carlton Williams initially attained the physical fitness record for “Most rise in one hour (male)” in 2015 by doing 2,220 rise. He recovered it this year by doing 2,682 rise in 60 minutes.

” I did it to show I’m the very best,” Mr Williams, a building employee, stated.

According to the guidelines, Mr Williams was needed to keep his hands on the flooring, while reducing his body till his elbows attained a 90 degree angle for each rise to count to the record. And although he quickly stopped to rest and capture his breath in between representatives, the clock did not stop at any point throughout his effort.