4 Amazing Benefits of Sleeping on the Left Side

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NDTV Food | Updated: March 24, 2017 15:39 IST

4 Amazing Benefits of Sleeping on the Left Side
4 Amazing Benefits of Sleeping on the Left Side


  • As per Ayurveda, the left and right sides of your body are distinctive
  • Thinking about the left is useful for pregnant ladies
  • It additionally enhances your absorption

You may have heard this guidance before and not gave careful consideration to it, but rather we thoroughly considered it merits finding reality. Some wellbeing specialists regularly suggest that you ought to consider your left side as it is more advantageous for your body. Would it be advisable for you to?

As per Ayurveda, the left and right sides of your body are distinctive and furthermore act in an unexpected way. Strangely, the hypothesis that you ought to think about your left side for good wellbeing originates from the antiquated and all encompassing investigation of Ayurveda. We as a whole know the time amount and nature of rest we get every day matters, yet so does the rest position. Here are four medical advantages that you can determine by sleepingĀ over your left side.

1. Enhances processing

Since our stomach and pancreas are situated on the left side, thinking about a similar side empowers them to hang normally and work better. With the draw of gravity, the nourishment goes effectively through the stomach and the pancreatic compounds are discharged as and when they are required. Additionally, the end of nourishment waste likewise turns out to be simple. The undigested nourishment and poisons actually move from the small digestive tract to the internal organ lastly into the colon from where it is discharged in the morning. In this way, it thinks about the left side overnight.

Indeed, Ayurveda specialists propose that you ought to take a speedy 10-minute power rest after your suppers and mull over the left side for better processing and to help your vitality. This additionally helps in treating an acid reflux or heartburn which you may understanding after a substantial dinner


2. Better heart wellbeing

This is straightforward. You heart of on your left side and in this way, it bodes well to rest to one side as it encourages as smoother stream of blood towards the heart given the constrain of gravity. This will take some heap off your heart and offer rest to your body.

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3. Useful for pregnant ladies

Specialists prompt that pregnant ladies ought to invest as much energy conceivable considering the left side as it aides in taking the weight off their backs and furthermore expands the blood stream to the uterus and the hatchling. It additionally alleviates the weight on the spine and chances are you’ll feel more great and rest better. In addition, it likewise helps in the smooth stream of supplements to the placenta to keep the infant sound. Twist your knees marginally and keep a cushion between your legs to be calm while mulling over the side.

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4. Avoids snoring

Trust it or not, there’s no damage in giving it a shot. Mulling over your left slight may really help you quit wheezing. The reason is that it keeps your tongue and throat in an impartial position and in this way keeps your aviation routes clear for you to have the capacity to inhale appropriately. You ought to likewise realize that thinking about your back may aggravate it as it drives these muscles to the back of your throat making it troublesome for you to breath.


While the above reasons legitimize why you ought to consider the left side, it may be somewhat awkward for you to all of a sudden change the way you’ve been dozing this while. In any case, take as much time as is needed on the grounds that getting great rest (whichever way it might be) is basic for your wellbeing. It is likewise vital to pick the correct sort of bedding to guarantee quality rest. On the off chance that you plan to mull over your side, pick a delicate sleeping cushion as it can put weight on your hips and shoulders. Likewise, you ought to pick a sleeping pad that enables you spine to rest in its regular arrangement else you might wake each morning with superfluous a throbbing painfulness.