16-Year-Old Girl Was Raped By A Man In Front Of Her Family On The Orders Of The Village Council

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updated: July 27,2017 16:00 IST

Image for representational purpose only
Image for representational purpose only

LAHORE: A 16-year-old young lady was assaulted by a man before her family on the requests of the town board as a discipline after her sibling was blamed for assaulting the man’s sister in Pakistan’s Punjab territory, police said on Wednesday.

Police have captured 20 individuals after the occurrence that occurred on July 18 in Rajpur town in Muzaffarabad in the territory, Multan division police boss Ahsan Younis said. “We have captured 20 individuals including the leader of the town committee for requesting assault of the sister of Umer Wadda of Rajpur town,” Younis told PTI.

He said Wadda was blamed for assaulting the high school sister of Ashfaq of his territory on July 16. “The issue was conveyed to the town board that consistently requested the assault of Wadda’s sister by Ashfaq. The Wadda’s family dissented over the choice however it was informed that equity must be done if a similar demonstration was rehashed with the denounced’s sister,” he said.

Younis said the police sprang without hesitation when the casualty’s family detailed the issue to it two days back.

“The casualty family did not report the issue until last Monday. We have enlisted isolate FIRs against Ashfaq and more than 30 town chamber individuals, and Wadda,” he stated, including that the police was examining all parts of the case.

“We are additionally examining whether the sister of Wadda was assaulted before her folks and the sibling (which is the claim of the Wadda family),” he said. He included that the station house officer of Muzaffarabad police has turned into a complainant for the situation so the two gatherings can’t achieve a trade off and pull back the FIRs against each other.

It is a similar locale where in mid 2000 Mukhtaran Mai was assaulted on the request of the town board, setting off a global shock. Rights extremist and previous Supreme Court Bar Association Asma Jehangir said various such cases are not detailed.

“Tragically that the casualties don’t approach the police to change the grievances,” she stated, adding there is a need to make mindfulness among the general population particularly of rustic zones in such manner.