106-Year-Old Grandma Is A YouTube Sensation For Her Cooking Videos

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Composed by Sanya Jain | Updated: April 30, 2017 15:43 IST

Mastanamma’s affectionately allude to her as Granny-ji. Watch her in real life beneath:

NEW DELHI: In Andhra Pradesh’s Gudivada town, Mastanamma squats on the ground as she cleaves vegetables, mixes pots and goads the fire before her. She’s 106-years of age, yet that doesn’t decrease her excitement for cooking. Truth be told, as far back as she turned into a viral YouTube sensation and the world’s most seasoned YouTube star, her enthusiasm for cooking has just expanded. Through her channel Country Foods, Mastanamma shows her a huge number of devotees the customary method for cooking, utilizing crisp fixings and flavourful mixes. Regardless of whether it’s a watermelon chicken or French fries ‘town style’, she has a huge number of individuals survey her recordings from everywhere throughout the world.

Mastanamma’s attack into the universe of nourishment blogging started when her incredible grandson, K Laxman, alongside a companion, chosen to transfer her video on YouTube. “I needed to show how individuals used to cook generally in the long time past days… at that point I thought about my grandma, Mastanamma” says Laxman.

Presently, as an Internet sensation, Mastanamma has a huge number of devotees around the world. Many allude to her affectionately as granny-ji.

“She didn’t comprehend what was going on when we were shooting the recordings, however when she began to acknowledge it, she felt exceptionally cheerful,” says Laxman.

106-Year-Old Grandma Is A YouTube Sensation For Her Cooking Videos